Friday, January 20, 2006

"Kol atsmotai tomarna, Hashem, mi chamocha . . . All my bones will say, 'G-d, who is like You . . . ?" (Psalm 35:10)

[Written Thursday, January 19, 2006]


Just listen.

Let the music carry you along where it will.



Do the rabbis not tell us to praise Hashem "asher yatzar et ha-adam b'chochmah . . .Who formed the human in wisdom . . . "?

Then let us use what G-d gave us.

"Hashem s'fatai tiftach, u-fi yagid t'hilatecha, G-d, open my lips, and my mouth will tell your praise."

"Ivdu et Hashem b'simchah, bo-u l'fanav bi-r'nanah, Serve G-d with joy, come before Him with singing."[1]

". . . v'ragleinu kalot ka-ayalot . . . and (if) our feet were as swift as the deer. . ."

"Y'halelu sh'mo v'machol, Let them praise His name in dance." [2]

Off I go to Israeli folk-dancing, to let my bones praise Hashem.

[1] Psalm 100
[2] Psalm 149



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